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Quarterly FCPA Investigations Report Q1 2018

During the first calendar of 2018, six companies disclosed new FCPA-related investigations, and investigations ended for five companies.

The six new investigations involve companies from the following industries:

  • Chemicals
  • Defense Technology
  • Banking
  • Security and Inspection Systems
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Mining

During Q1 2018, five investigations ended, according to FCPA Tracker. Three involved companies in the oil and gas segment. One involved mining and another involved information technology.

Four of the investigations ended with declinations from the SEC or DOJ or both.

One of the investigations that concluded during Q1 2018 was first disclosed in 2015. Two were first disclosed in 2016, and two in 2017.

FCPA Tracker posted 84 investigation updates during the quarter.

The quarter ended with 135 ongoing FCPA-related investigations, based on disclosures in primary documents (SEC filings, company statements, agency releases) published on FCPA Tracker.

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This post first appeared on the FCPA Blog and is republished here with permission.


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