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FCPA Investigations: Eight companies disclose new investigations

So far in 2021, eight companies, all from different industries, have disclosed new FCPA investigations.

Among the industries represented in the new investigations are petrochemicals, technology, pharmaceuticals, beverages, life sciences, and renewable energy, according to FCPA Tracker.

Seven of the companies have disclosed countries involved in the investigations.

The nine countries mentioned are China, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Ukraine, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, and Japan.

All eight new FCPA investigations disclosed by issuers in 2021 remain active and open, according to the companies.

Since January 2020, a total of 12 companies have disclosed new FCPA investigations.

Three FCPA investigations first disclosed in 2020 are now closed following enforcement actions. Those are Cardinal Health, Inc., Sargeant Marine Inc., and J&F Investimentos S.A.

This post originally appeared on the FCPA Blog and is republished here with permission.


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