What is FCPA Tracker?

FCPA Tracker scans for and analyzes public disclosures by companies and agencies about FCPA-related investigations. Analysts sort over 20 unique fields for each investigation that users can use to cross-reference against other investigations.

Public disclosures are complex and vary from company to company. That’s why FCPA Tracker’s expertise is essential.

Sample Investigations

View a sample of open investigations from FCPA Tracker.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The Hertz Corporation

FCPA Tracker counts that eight companies have announced investigations
regarding their dealings with Unaoil.”

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Investigation Details

FCPA Tracker includes the following information regarding FCPA-related investigations.*

Company HQInvestigation statusInitial date of disclosure
Date of updated disclosureAgencies invovledCountries invovled
IndustryPresence of intermediaryLaw firms involved
Name of intermediarySEC formNon-SEC disclosures
Subsidiary involvedBoard actionName of subsidiary
Amount of paymentsText of disclosureAnd more

* FCPA-related DOJ, SEC, and company disclosures do not follow a standard format.  FCPA Tracker’s ability to capture and report information varies by disclosure content.

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About The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (FCPA) (15 U.S.C. § 78dd-1, et seq.) is a United States federal law that prohibits bribery of foreign officials and addresses accounting transparency and internal controls requirements under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

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