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Join the growing number of professional firms, companies, and institutions harnessing the unique power of FCPA Tracker’s searchable real time disclosures of FCPA-related investigations.

Current individual and enterprise users of FCPA Tracker include leading law firms, banks, audit and due diligence firms, technology, healthcare services, oil and gas, sovereign wealth funds, and others. Clients include public and private institutions on five continents.

Law Firms

Law firm partners and company lawyers use FCPA Tracker to survey and compare SEC disclosures by peer-group companies to learn industry standards” and best practices” for such disclosures.

They are using FCPA Tracker to compile sector-analysis reports and alerts for clients and others about disclosed investigations, what countries are involved, and other information only available through FCPA Tracker. 

Law firms monitor FCPA Tracker updates and alert clients to peer group disclosure and enforcement activity.

Fortune 200

Industry leaders monitor peer group activity and analyze enforcement trends in key markets. FCPA Tracker can be incorporated into internal due diligence workflows for more complete coverage of risk areas.

Banking and Finance

Banks use FCPA Tracker as “an early warning system” for company-specific and sector due diligence when analyzing potential lending activity.

Banks and other lending and investing institutions monitor portfolio companies, acquisition targets, and other sensitive organizations. Public and private funds monitor and track industry segment and country risk.

Due Diligence

FCPA Tracker is the unique source for primary documents and disclosures of FCPA and corruption related investigations and enforcement activity. FCPA Tracker relies only on primary source documents, algorithmic search, and human expertise to provide accurate real-time data.

Regulators and Enforcement Agencies

International enforcement agencies use FCPA Tracker for real time alerts about FCPA-related disclosures and enforcement activity both regionally and globally. 

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High Risk Markets

FCPA Tracker is “an early warning system” to identify and analyze country, segment, and company risk. Users are alerted when FCPA-related investigations are opened, updated, or closed.

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